Redbud Reveal 2013

To celebrate the arrival of the 2013 spring and summer season, the "Redbud Reveal" will be held from 12 noon until 4:00 pm on Sunday, April 28. Visitors are encouraged to come and see the historic Haven Hill Gate House, the Edsel Ford Barn, the Carriage House, and informative art and history displays atop Haven Hill.

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Redbuds, Dogwoods, Trillium in Bloom at Highland Recreation Area

The dogwoods and redbuds are in full bloom at Highland Recreation Area! A true sign of spring, the Lilacs will soon follow. Park trails are filling with spring foliage. Yesterday I found a trillium just starting to get going.

And a few dogwoods decorated the trail...

Mayapples are filling the forest floor... like small palm trees. No blossoms or fruit yet though.

Kick off your snowshoes and get out to Highland Recreation Area today for a refreshing spring hike.

- Jay

Highland Recreation Spring Hiking

The butterflies are out on the lilacs... Swallowtail HRA 1280x1024 052009 DSC_6844

The pumpkinseed sunfish are on their beds at the dam of Haven Hill lake...

Pumpkinseeds HRA 052009 DSC_6819

The lilypads are ready to bloom on the water...

Lilypads HRA 052009 DSC_6821

And the dogwoods are in bloom on the road sides...

Dogwood Blooms HRA 1280x1024 052009 DSC_6865

Spring is in full-swing at the Highland Recreation Area! Hike by yourself, or grab a friend, or take your family on a hike today!

Posted by: Jay Fitzgerald is an avid hiker and a member of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area. Visit for more information.

OUR Recreation Area

I've never considered myself a "tree hugger"... just a nature lover, an outdoors person, someone who appreciates the wilder areas that are left on our planet. And ya know what makes me mad? It makes me angry when I find trash strewn along a lakeshore that was obviously deliberately left by someone, maybe even a family, after they enjoyed the same thing that I do. Haven Hill Lake Shore Trash

Fishing bait plastic tubs, beer can, misc. - all could have been easily taken home by the users, or at least put in the trash cans near the meadow.

Haven Hill Lake Shore Trash 1

As members of the FOHRA let's remember to take along a trash bag when we hike, and pick up what we can. I suppose we have chosen to accept an obligation to make up for the members of the human race that can't think to do it themselves. That makes me feel better!

Take a walk in the park - spring is in full gear!