OUR Recreation Area

I've never considered myself a "tree hugger"... just a nature lover, an outdoors person, someone who appreciates the wilder areas that are left on our planet. And ya know what makes me mad? It makes me angry when I find trash strewn along a lakeshore that was obviously deliberately left by someone, maybe even a family, after they enjoyed the same thing that I do. Haven Hill Lake Shore Trash

Fishing bait plastic tubs, beer can, misc. - all could have been easily taken home by the users, or at least put in the trash cans near the meadow.

Haven Hill Lake Shore Trash 1

As members of the FOHRA let's remember to take along a trash bag when we hike, and pick up what we can. I suppose we have chosen to accept an obligation to make up for the members of the human race that can't think to do it themselves. That makes me feel better!

Take a walk in the park - spring is in full gear!