MEMORIES IN TIME - The People & Place of Haven Hill

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In 1923 Edsel & Eleanor Ford started to assemble farmland for a family farm estate straddling Highland & White Lake Townships in Oakland County Michigan. In 1926 the family assumed residence of the farm estate until Edsel’s untimely death in 1943. In biographical information Haven Hill was Edsel’s favorite place to be. He called this wonderful environment “His Nerve Retreat”and with his wife Eleanor and children, Henry II, Benson, Josephine, and William Clay, they shared life together with family and friends. 

This series of artwork pays tribute to the people and place of Haven Hill - from the era of Native Americans through the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Family years to today’s visitors and supporters who share these lands and their individual stories in a special way.

To learn more of the upcoming show and the Edsel & Eleanor Ford Family at Haven Hill please visit the links shown below.

       Friends of Highland Recreation Area member and artist Larry Falardeau created a body of work entitled "Memories in Time - The People & Place of Haven Hill" that captures the great history of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford family on the lands of their former country estate in Highland/White Lake, Michigan. Native American peoples, special Highland State Recreation Area park visitors, and future generations of the place of Haven Hill are also featured in his collection of watercolor and oil paintings.

     The following pages preserve the Artists' amazing donation of personal passion, time, and generosity of talent for all who appreciate Haven Hill and for our new visitors as well.

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