Soar in a Quadcopter for Amazing Aerial Views of Haven Hill

Have you ever flown over Highland State Recreation Area in Highland/White Lake, Michigan and looked down upon the gorgeous landscapes and historic structures within this truly special Michigan state park? If not, take a few minutes of your time right now and see a variety of beautiful "birds eye" views of these beautiful landscapes and historic landmark areas. See Edsel and Eleanor Ford's historic Haven Hill estate from high above the ground using a quadcopter and a tiny video camera. 

The Haven Hill Gate House, Cedar Creek wetland and the new Cedar Creek Trail, Goose Meadow and Haven Hill Lake, the Haven Hill Lodge site, and the famous Edsel Ford Barn are all in view "out of your window seat" as you watch this amazing aerial film footage.

The members of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area are starting to shake off their winter "cabin fever" and begin spring and summer activities at the park. Come out and join us as we celebrate the season-opening Redbud Reveal and Antiques and Collectibles fundraising sale at the Edsel Ford Barn on Saturday, May 14.

Snow Snake Migration Expected to Return to Highland State Recreation Area This Winter

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area and the Chief Pontiac Trail Committee of the Boy Scouts of America are expecting the annual Snow Snake migration to return to Highland Recreation Area in February of 2015. Snow Snake season typically begins each year as the snow depth reaches 3 to 5 inches, although a covering of even an inch has been enough to afford some lucky folks a sighting of a few of these amazing winter reptiles. A snake watching event is planned for Sunday, February 8, 2015 near the Edsel Ford Barn in Highland/White Lake, Michigan. A "hot spot" for sightings every year at Highland State Recreation Area seems to be around the historic Edsel Ford Barn. Both adults and children enjoy seeing the snow snakes. See the information flyer HERE.  And a great "How To" video below...

For a truly unique experience in the outdoors come and see the Snakes at the Edsel Ford Barn on February 8, 2015.

Chief Pontiac Trail Committee site for this great activity HERE.

Snow Snake Numbers Expected to Increase at Highland State Recreation Area in 2014

"Most were 36 inches in length, although we had some even longer than that. And all had beautiful coloration", he said. "Some of these snakes move very fast, and if your not watching closely one might go right by you as a blur of color before you even know it."

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Edsel Ford Barn Reconstruction Begins!

Hardy volunteers from the Friends of Highland Recreation Area worked together between rain showers and thunderstorms to clean old wounds from the barn and install the new walls. It was a momentus day as the workers performed the first new construction on the barn since the violent storm in June 2008 tore at the historic structure.

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Snakes Released in Heavy Snow at Haven Hill

The snow and snakes were flying at the Chief Pontiac Trail Snow Snake Event, held on Sunday, January 29 this year. Everyone had great fun racing their snakes even as snow fell throughout the day at the Edsel Ford Barn.

Snow Snaking at Edsel Ford Barn January 29, 2012

The scouts sponsored the event which was supported by the Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA). This years' event was in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of snow, but snow began to fall the weekend of the event and permitted filling of the wooden snow snake track for everyone to enjoy.

Families enjoyed snow snaking in 2012 even in heavy snow.

Snow snakes of all designs and colors were let loose at Highland State Recreation Area in White Lake, Michigan on Sunday.

Snow Snake Loose!

The Edsel Ford Barn, which is being rebuilt by the volunteer organization Friends of Highland Recreation Area, was the backdrop for this years' Snow Snake event...

Edsel Ford Barn in Snow, Copyright FOHRA 2012

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors this winter at Highland Recreation Area!