Laetiporus... a Chicken in the Woods!

Along with the historic structures of the former Haven Hill estate that was inhabited by Edsel and Eleanor Ford and their family so many years ago, the adjacent Haven Hill Natural National Landmark area is filled with many amazing forest inhabitants...including lots of mushrooms! One of my favorite species are the large and dramatically colored "Sulfur Shelf" or "Chicken of the Woods" mushrooms that are in the park at this time of year.  Scientific name laetiporus. In the photo below, this big guy and a little brother are located on a trail in the northwest corner of the Haven Hill section of the park..

LaetiporusThey say these are edible, hence the name "chicken of the woods", but I'll pass on that idea for now and just enjoy them in their natural setting, on the side of a fallen tree on the edge of a nice shady walking trail.

I've started GPS mapping some of my hikes at Highland Recreation Area to share with others. See below... amazing what you can do with a cell phone nowadays! Try clicking on the link below the screen clip to see the hike details, photos, etc. Pretty cool if it works!

Haven Hill Hike Sep 15, 2012 - Link

Get out to Haven Hill and enjoy discoveries like these for yourself! Have a enjoyable and healthy hike!

Jay Fitzgerald