Haven Hill Hiking: Feel Changes in the Season

  Haven Hill Hike Map 090212

An end of summer hike was in order yesterday so I headed into the Haven Hill National Natural Landmark in the early morning on September 2, Labor Day weekend. Quiet forests with the mystical quality of Haven Hill met me with open arms. Love this place!

Found a few beautiful mushrooms alongside the trail...

And a squirrel or two...

Did you know that a chipmunk is actually just a small striped squirrel?

The squirrel above was too busy gathering nuts for winter to worry about me.. he stopped for a peek down from his tree and then headed on to his store somewhere.

Above: Orange Jewelweed is along Haven Hill Lake at this time of year.

The Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica) is gorgeous if you look really closely at its' delicate flowers.

Above: Some mushrooms can get kind of prickly when they mature. Ouch!



Okay I did it, above... posted a picture of early fall color at Haven Hill! Sorry. But the change of the season is here... mums are at the roadside stands, and the stores are starting to put out hay bales and scare crows. And rumor has it that a cider mill or two are open already...

Every time that I have ventured into the wilderness around Haven Hill I have found an interesting and new wonder of nature.  This time of year is a time of transition. You can feel it in the air. Squirrels working on winter food supplies, leaves changing color a little bit, mushrooms giving life one last shot before the cold air returns. Walk the woods of Haven Hill to feel the spirit of the seasons!