"T.P." from FOHRA Wins "Best Dressed Outhouse" Award

A popular but little known area contest was won by a member of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area this weekend. The Best Dressed Outhouse award was given to "T.P." (contestants typically remain anonymous to avoid paparazzi) from the FOHRA at a recent competition wherein contestants decorated various facilities with plants, fresh amenities, etc.

T.P.' s winning entry combined live plants with a touch of class. Framed art, fresh "tissue" and scent sources were combined in a lovely and yet sophisticated arrangement to secure this year's title. The proud winner said, "It's been a "privy"ledge to participate in this year's competition. All of the judges were terrific". Congratulations T.P.!

All content of this post is fictional, of course, and purely in the interest of "good clean fun".