HEC Barn Tour at Edsel Ford Barn Next Saturday!

Get ready for the Highland Equestrian Conservancy's 2008 Barn Tour on Saturday, September 27th. This year the Edsel Ford Barn is a stop on the tour! Volunteers are needed to man the large 20 x 40 foot tent and displays that the FOHRA will be setting up to entertain our guests. Below... will you join the Epic Adventure?

Below... the new FOHRA group logo which will be on display at the Barn Tour.

Exhibits will include the "Lost Treasure Barn" display complete with a treasure chest and treasure, the Rulers for Rafters sale, informative posters around the barn, 20's period music, a Highland Recreation Area display, and enthusiastic FOHRA members! The tour is formally open from 9:30 am until 4 pm, but volunteers will be working at the Edsel Ford Barn from 7:30 am until probably after 5pm.

Come out and enjoy the park for a while next Saturday. If you're interested in attending as a volunteer, contact Jay Fitzgerald of the FOHRA by writing jayfitzgerald@jayfitzgerald.com.

Also, both Saturday and Sundy, come on over to Horsin' Around in Highland for all kinds of fun!