Crown V Ranch Grand Opening

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FOHRA members were ranch hands for the day on Saturday, April 18 at the Grand Opening of the Crown V Ranch equestrian facility at Highland Recreation Area.  TJ Sullivan and his wife and family enjoyed a wonderful day for the celebration of the opening of their new proprietorship.

Crown V Ranch Ribbon Cutting April 18, 2009. Highland Recreation Area.

A great time was had by all... it was truly an amazing Spring day with temperatures in the 70's and sunshine.

Mr. and Mrs. TJ Sullivan Cutting the Ribbon at the Grand Opening of the Crown V Ranch

Members of the MDNR staff, FOHRA members, the Highland Trail Riders, other community organizations, friends, family, business owners, and lot and lots of children attended the event. The Crown V Ranch opened the facility with hay rides, horseback riding, and pony rides for the kids.

Cowboy and Proprietor TJ Sullivan Leading the Cutting of the Ribbon

FOHRA members staffed an increasingly sophisticated display of the history of Edsel Ford's Haven Hill Estate, membership materials, baked goods for sale, and a cool collection of area finds that everyone really enjoyed.

A Section of the Friends of Highland Recreation Display at the Opening of the Crown V Ranch

The FOHRA Tent at the Crown V Ranch Grand Opening. April 18, 2009.

FOHRA Member Tom Slaga's Colelctuion of Interesting Finds from the Highland Recreation Area

To say the least, the Grand Opening of the Crown V Ranch at the Highland Recreation Area stables was a terrific event marking a new Spring and Summer season in the great outdoors. Come out and enjoy a horseback ride someday in one of Oakland County and Michigan's best natural resource areas. The Highland Recreation Area!

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