Help Stop Thieves in Our Park!

The recent state of the economy has aggravated thievery in our parks. And Highland Recreation Area is no exception. Many vandals have turned to stealing metals for cash... the Edsel Ford Carriage House roof has been pried and pricked to remove some of its' old copper drip edges. This is just one example.

Please be aware of this illegal activity when you're in the park. Take note of suspicious groups or individuals that appear as though they may be out for "more than a nice day in the park". Consider carrying a pad and pen/pencil to jot down a description of suspicious people, vehicles, and license plate numbers.

If someones' carrying a tool who is not an FOHRA member or a DNR Officer they might be up to no good. Don't hesitate to report suspicious activities to the park office. And spread the word of care and concern for our park!. The best defense against criminal activity is an informed citizenry!