FOHRA Monthly Meetings 2009

Monthly meetings of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area continue in 2009 on the first Wednesday of every month. That'll be January 7, February 4, and March 4 for the first quarter.  Open to the interested public. NOTE: The January FOHRA meeting is being held at the Proud Lake Recreation Area River Hawk Annex building on Wixom Road due to a scheduling conflict with the White Lake facility.


Meetings are held at the White Lake Community Hall on M-59 (Highland Rd.) across from the Township offices next to the fire department.


Come on out and support the Highland Recreation Area!

HRA History: Pontiac Press Lodge Photo


Digitizing of some fantastic photos and newspaper articles that were collected by Marge Sawruk of the Friends of Highland Recreation is underway. This wonderful old photo of the lodge (below) from the October 31, 1962 edition of the Pontiac Press shows its magnificent sloping roofs and two of the six giant chimneys. For those of you who didn't know, the Pontiac Press became the Oakland Press in 1972.

Click on the photo to see and read the text. Use your "back button" to return to this page.

Marge Sawruk is the Secretary of the White Lake Historical Society and a long-standing member of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area. Our sincere appreciation goes out to Marge for saving and collecting  such wonderful historical records.



The FOHRA would like to extend a formal request for any and all old photographs that reflect the natural and man-made hsitory of the Highland Recreation Area and Haven Hill. We'll carefully scan your pictures of the park and return them to you unaffected. In retun, the FOHRA will send along with a free computer disk containing all of the preserved images. Please contact Jay Fitzgerald (FOHRA group Secretary) at (248) 494-8919 or write a email to Thanks ahead of time!