"Ice Stars" Form on Haven Hill Lake

Haven Hill Lake was created for Edsel and Eleanor Ford and their family in the 1920's by damming Cedar Creek, a part of Michigan’s Huron River watershed. The creek runs out of the lake and eventually becomes part of the Huron River flowing into Lake Erie south of Detroit, Michigan.

In the days of the Haven Hill Estate, the lake was a source of beauty and recreation for the Fords, their family members, and guests. Today it provides the same joys to guests of the Haven Hill section of Michigan's Highland State Recreation Area.

In winter, the lakes' surface freezes and thaws repeatedly throughout the season. Intriguing shapes form on the frozen surface as winter temperatures rise and fall. Sometimes unusual "Ice Stars" can be seen all over the surface of the frozen lake. These star-like shapes are formed when water seeps up through a hole in the ice and snow, creating a spider or octopus-shaped series of channels around the hole at the center.

Watch an aerial video flying over the Ice Stars HERE. 

Visit a great lake ice website in Burlington Vermont for more lake ice information... HERE

The aerial photos and video for this article were gathered using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter and a GoPro camera by FOHRA member Jay Fitzgerald and his son Jack.