Livingston A's Bring Back the Model A Fords to Haven Hill

Watching Model A Ford automobiles driving around and through the Gate House grounds of the Haven Hill Gate House on August 27, 2014 during the Haven Hill Festival was fantastic. It reminded everyone of how Edsel and Eleanor Ford's grand country estate must have been back in the 1920's. The following video of the 2014 event recorded the fun. Enjoy!



Edsel and Eleanor could never have envisioned that recorded "television" movie pictures of their property from something called a "high-definition video camera" would be available to millions of people on something called "YouTube" on the "Internet". But they would indeed be proud of the volunteers of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area and folks like the Livingston A's for all of their efforts to refurbish their once beautiful estate and educate adults and children about the amazing history in the Highland State Recreation Area.