Snow Snake Races 2014 a Great Day in the Park!

Everyone had a winter blast of fun at the annual Snow Snake races in Highland State Recreation Area near the Edsel Ford Barn on Sunday, February 9th. Cold weather was staved off by warm hearts of children and adults as they whizzed the home made snow snakes down the tracks. [gallery ids="1398,1399,1400,1401,1402,1403,1404,1405,1406,1407,1408,1409,1410,1411,1412,1413,1414,1415"]

The 2014 Snow Snake event at the Edsel Ford Barn recreates the traditional Native American winter sport of “snowsnake”. Children (and some adults) hurtle their hand-made wooden snakes down a track for maximum distance.

The Chief Pontiac Programs Committee of the Boy Scouts of America is organized the event.