FOHRA Parades!

FOHRA Milford 4th Parade 2013IMG_1581The Friends of Highland Recreation Area marched in the annual 4th of July parade last week in Milford, Michigan. The FOHRA banner led the group followed by a vintage Ford tractor owned by member Dean Sutton and his family. Flyers were distributed promoting this year’s Haven Hill Festival to be held on Saturday, August 24, in Goose Meadow at Highland State Recreation Area.  Everyone in attendance at this year’s Parade had a great time celebrating our country’s Independence Day and enjoying the passing festivities. Area Fire and Rescue teams and equipment blared their sirens and horns in celebration to conclude the parades’ passing. FOHRA Group Milford 4th Parade 2013IMG_1346

This year’s Haven Hill Festival will include, for the second year, the Novi Brass Band accompanying the 1860’s Base Ball Game on the Goose Meadow ball field. Jay Fitzgerald and his son Jack handed out “Ballers Wanted” flyers during the parade to encourage area residents to participate in the vintage base ball game. Historic Haven Hill displays, a Haven Hill National Natural Landmark nature photo exhibit, vintage Ford automobiles, and children’s activities, along with summer food and drinks, will be available all day during the free 10 am to 3:00 pm Festival on August 24. A Recreation Passport is required for state park entry.

HHF LogoGo to and for more information about the Friends of Highland Recreation Area, Edsel and Eleanor Ford's Haven Hill Estate, the 1860's Base Ball game, and the 2013 Haven Hill Festival.

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