Mild Weather Affecting Snow Snake Arrival?

So far we've had no big snows in Highland Recreation Area, Michigan this year... and with temperatures above freezing each day the favorite winter habitat for snow snakes is scarce! But rest assured that this years' snow snake migration will arrive soon. To hold you over until the season really begins, I've assembled some snow snake information from around the web:

Snow Snake Lore - Some Terms and Descriptions:

Snow Snakes and Winter Sports: The nemisis of skiers and boarders in snowy climates the world over, snow snakes sometimes like to warm them shelves on steep snow-covered slopes. Their white color makes them impossible to see while skiing or snow boarding. Often the cause for unxplained wipe outs. - Urban Dictionary

Boot-Stealing Snow Snakes: A snake that travels under deep snow commonly in the area of upper michigan that causes you to loose your boot. The only way to catch one is to go to the deep snow in the middle of a field with a fishing net and six- pack of beer. - Urban Dictionary

"..that snow snake took my boot! Help me dig it out!"

Butt-Biter Snow Snakes: Some folks suggest that you always be very careful using the outdoor latrine while camping in winter. The snow snake is known to sometimes bite when it feels endangered.

"... be careful out there, a snow snake might bite you on the butt."

2011/2012 Snow Snake Races Information

Information about the 2011/2012 Snow Snake events can be obtained by heading on over to the Chief Pontiac Trail website Here.

Also you can download the information flyer Here.

Slick SNake!