Haven Hill Barn Stormers to Play Rochester Grangers in Game of Vintage Base Ball

On Saturday, August 28, at the Goose Meadow in Highland State Recreation Area, the Rochester Grangers Vintage Base Ball team will be playing against the home team Haven Hill Barn Stormers at 1:00 pm. The exhibition game will be a part of the Haven Hill Festival, now an annual event promoting the Highland State Recreation Area, the historic Edsel and Eleanor Ford Haven Hill estate, park user groups, and the Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) who are the primary organizers of the event.

Some 1860 Base Ball Rules:

  • Players in the infield need to have one foot on the sack (base) when the ball is pitched
  • No stealing
  • No swearing, spitting, or sliding
  • For batters, there are no balls or strikes called
  • Batters cannot overrun first base - they must stop on it.
  • Base paths are 90 feet - the same as today
  • There were NO GLOVES in 1860, everyone caught bare-handed!
  • After crossing home plate, the player must approach the scorer's table, ring a bell, and politely request that the scorekeeper "tally your ace"

The Umpire will call "Play!" at 1:00 pm. Bring a lawn chair to enjoy the seen on the base lines and to root for your favorite team.

The Festival starts at 10:00 am and last until 4 pm, and will include vintage cars, folks in period clothing, users' groups displays, music, and other outdoor fun. Visit the Rochester Grangers web site to learn more about their great exhibition base ball team and the grand old game at www.RochesterGrangers.Com. Visit the Haven Hill Festival web site to learn more about the entire festival day, www.HavenHillFestival.com.

Standard state park entrance fees apply, or an annual window permit. The Highland State Recreation Area is located in Highland/White Lake, Michigan.