FOHRA Receives Official 501(c)(3) Status!

fohra-hh-logo-fohra-320x240As of June 25, 2009 the Friends of Highland Recreation Area are now an official IRS-approved Public Charity under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. The status is actually retroactive, to our incorporation date within the State of Michigan of March 28, 2008. It took several months and a lot of effort, and now we have achieved a status that will permit us to seek and receive tax-free funds to support our efforts on behalf of the Highland Recreation Area. Your charitable donations to FOHRA are now tax deductible. Receipt of the our approval letter from the Internal Revenue Service was the culmination of a lengthy and detailed application process. The government has stepped-up the intensity of the application process to help eliminate approvals of fraudulent "charitable" organizations.

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) are committed to help support the Highland Recreation Area State Park by assisting and promoting interpretive, scientific, historical and educational visitor services.