FOHRA at Outdoorama at Proud Lake

FOHRA members Pam Sienkiewicz, Tom Slaga, Dick Russel, and Jay Fitzgerald attended the Heavner Canoe Outdoorama at Powers Beach in Proud Lake Recreation Area this last Saturday. The FOHRA display contained the increasingly popular collection of artifacts from the Haven Hill section of the Highland Recreation Area, some nice fund raising jewelry from Pam, and the new addition of some mascot sheep. DSC_7457 1280x1024

The Outdoorama event included canoe rides, picnic food, a rustic camp display, and even Smokey the Bear showed up to great the visitors.

DSC_7472 1280x1024

The Milford Police brought a squad car and the siren was turned on for the kids. Ice cream was served from a vintage-style ice cream cart. Smokey the bear was a big hit... although he occasionally needed a break for ice cream from the warm spring weather.

DSC_7426 1280x1024

The FOHRA tent was visited by many attendees who were informed of the terrific resource that is Highland Recreation Area.

DSC_7480 1280x1024

Members briefed the guests regarding its' amazing history, terrific recreation opportunites like horse back riding, and the beautiful Haven Hill Nation Natural Landmark wilderness.