FOHRA Members Speak at Milford, Michigan Historical Society Meeting

Chris Arble and Jay Fitzgerald gave a presentation about the "Past, Present, and Future" of the Highland Recreation Area's Haven Hill complex this last Thursday, September 11, 2008 at the Milford Methodist Church.  A moment of silence was held in memory of those who lost their lives at the World Trade Center prior to the evening's formalities.

Chris and Jay presented a DVD with very interesting and dynamic background information about the history of Edsel Ford's retreat, as well as a slideshow of the Highland Recreation Area's natural beauty and historic structures. A question and answer period followed the presentation.

The Milford Historical Society members were terrific hosts, featuring their famous "Best Pot Luck in Town".

You can be assured that the FOHRA and the Milford Historical Society now have a relationship that will be enjoyable and beneficial in the years to come!