The Ford Model A in the Park!

Did you know that there were two separate production runs of Model A Fords built in the company's history? The 1st was built from 1903 until 1904, and the 2nd was built from 1927 - 1931. The earlier Model A was the 1st car produced by Ford Motor company! Only 1750 of these original Ford automobiles were ever built. They were all made at the factory in the color red, and were responsible for Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company's 1st profit.

The 1927 - 1931 Model A:

IMG_5155 1280x1024

Above: A "newer" Model A Ford, a 1930 Town Sedan, owned by Dianna and Tom Mosier of Milford, Michigan.

The 1927 - 1931 Model A was the 2nd huge success story at Ford after the Model T that it replaced after 18 years of production. 4,849,340 (yes 4 million) Model A's were produced during it's production run of 5 years. And one last trivial fact: The Ford Model A was the 1st car to have safety glass! - Info Source: Wikipedia

Come out to Fords, Friends, and Fun in the Park on Saturday, August 15th in the Highland Recreation Area to see a collection of these fine automobiles from our nation's past, right here in the present! The event will be the Highland Recreation Area's support group fund raiser. Food items will be sold to raise money for the efforts of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area. FOHRA is making great strides to preserve and rejuvenate Edsel Fords' historic Haven Hill Estate that lies within the boundaries of the rec. area in Oakland County, Michigan.

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