Snowsnakes and Snowflakes Event

Come enjoy Snow Snake races (snakes available to share), a winter Hike, and a primitive fire making class at Highland State Recreation Area in 2019.

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Enjoy wooshing a Snowsnake down the track at the Barn, cookies and cocoa, outdoor winter fun, and learning for all ages! All events to be held at the Edsel Ford Barn. Snow Snake is a North American Indian game. The snake was simply a wooden stick of varying lengths that was carefully smoothed and treated so that it would slide over a snow and ice track. The track was made by dragging a log through the snow to form a depression. The game was to see whose snow snake would go the farthest.Snow Snake races will be held between 1:00 PM—4:00 PM. Bring the kids and give it a try! And learn more HERE.

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Winter Hike

Join the Friends of Highland Recreation Area volunteers for a guided hike in the Highland Recreation Area in January 2019 at 1:30 pm leaving from the Edsel Ford Barn.  The forests in winter provide a totally different perspective of the lay of the land and views when the trees are leafless and the ground is snow-covered. Hike duration and length will be dependent upon weather and trail conditions, but a route of about 1 to 1.5 hours is planned. Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, wear boots with good tread, and dress in layers to maximize your comfort. Although not available for the hike, a limited number of sets of snow shoes will also be at the Barn for you to try.

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Prehistoric Classroom

Prehistoric classroom presents modern day hunter gatherer and indigenous skills instructor Pete Fox for a free primitive fire making class. Spend some quality time with a real life caveman and step back in time nearly 20,000 years as you learn how to prepare materials, build the tools, and use the techniques that have been absolutely essential to the survival and comfort of humans for over 300,000 years!


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Cocoa and Cookies

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area volunteers will sell hot chocolate and cookies at the Edsel Ford Barn as a fundraiser. 


Recreation Passport

Activities are free of charge, vehicle entrance to the State Recreation Area requires Recreation Passport.