Vintage Base Ball at Goose Meadow on Saturday, August 27

The sights and sounds of base ball played the way it was played during the early days of its origins in the 1860’s will be heard throughout the Goose Meadow Ball field at Highland State Recreation Area this summer. On Saturday, August 27 during the annual Haven Hill Festival players dressed in uniforms of the era will participate in a match starting at 10:00 am.

Barn Stormers and the Gate House Nine

Adults and children will enjoy seeing the game played as it was a long time ago. “Base ball” as it was referred in the day, was played with a focus on good sportsmanship, fresh outdoor air, exercise, and skill. Base ball lingo in the day was also different than it is now. The “hurler” would throw an underhand pitch to a “striker” who would attempt to put the “pill” in play and sprint to the “1st sack” possibly resulting in an “ace” for his teammate “legging it” to home plate. Bare-handed fielders would scoop up the ball and attempt to “make dead” the runner all the while with the “cranks” yelling “huzzah”! These terms and special rules of the historic game will be explained in a narration during the match.
General Information

The Haven Hill Festival is an alcohol-free, family-oriented event in its' 8th year at Highland State Recreation Area organized by the volunteer group “Friends of Highland Recreation Area”.  The celebration has grown yearly, and will continue to be enjoyed by local residents as well as the surrounding communities, now and into the future.

The Haven Hill section of Highland State Recreation Area is located in Highland/White Lake, Michigan, and entered via the main gate at 5200 Highland Road (M-59) between Duck Lake and Bogie Lake roads. The Festival is provided to the public at no charge, and entry into the state park is now via the Recreation Passport on your license plate.

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John Fitzgerald

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) volunteer organization was established in 2007, and is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt non-profit organization operating under lease agreement with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Within one of the most picturesque, fascinating, and historically significant state parks in southeast lower Michigan, our goal is to combine the former Haven Hill estate history with Highland Recreation Area’s existing amenities, wilderness, and recreation.